In Michigan, a Will is a written document that states a person’s wishes and instructions for managing and distributing their estate after death.  Also known as a Last Will and Testament.

What type of instructions and wishes can be expressed in a Will?

A Will can provide instructions on how to distribute property, who will be in charge of distributing property, who will be in charge of minor children, and who will be in charge of funeral and burial instructions.

Who needs a Will?

Almost every adult needs a Will.  When you die, the living want to know how you want your affairs handled.  Your Will is an important part of helping them know that.

What happens when someone dies in Michigan without a Will?

In Michigan, a person who has died without a will is considered to have died intestate and there are laws that determine who will manage the estate’s affairs, who will be the guardian and conservator for the minor children, and who inherit that person’s assets.